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What's your story?

I'll be delighted to tell it to your Italian audience.

Italians will trust you while they learn about your products and services in the language they feel comfortable with.

I'd love to help you reach them and I want them to get to know you.

If you are looking for quality content, I'm keen to work with you.

Let's get it right the first time!

Below are some satisfied clients you could join.

Corinna has been collaborating with ICanLocalize since April 2011. She has been working with the translation of software (iPhone and Android) projects as well as websites and general text translation in the English-Italian language pair. Her responsibilities include communicating with clients and providing quality translations while meeting deadlines. She has also performed many review jobs with us. Corinna has shown professionalism, respect for clients and her colleagues, responsiveness and punctuality. She is absolutely recommendable.

Irina S., OnTheGoSystems Inc.

Llevamos cinco años trabajando con Corinna como nuestra principal traductora de italiano. Por nuestro sector (tecnología e ingeniería) nuestros contenidos son técnicamente complejos y exigen una gran rigurosidad en la traducción. Corinna es una excelente profesional, comprometida y proactiva, que, además, siempre es capaz mantener el espíritu y tono de la marca en la localización.

Marina R., Mundo Reader (bq) S.L.

We’ve been collaborating with Corinna since 2018. She’s reliable and responsive, always ready to help when we need her services. She's a talented linguist and asks queries whenever necessary. Her flexibility is another asset we appreciate, since in our company instructions change often, but she does her best to adapt to each project or special request we may have.

Macha R., e2f Inc.

Corinna has been working regularly for Milengo since 2015. She’s a very good and reliable linguist and her communication and attention to detail are remarkable. She’s translating for Milengo for a range of clients, mostly in the IT domain. I’d definitely recommend Corinna as a translator.

María José, M., Milengo GmbH

En iDISC Information Technologies estamos encantados de colaborar con Corinna De Giacomi. Nos ha ayudado en una gran cantidad de proyectos de traducción y revisión desde inglés y español hacia italiano, especializados en campo técnico y de IT. Además, nos ha ayudado con otras temáticas de traducción y siempre de una manera muy efectiva. Se adapta fácilmente a todo tipo de trabajos y tiene un gran dominio de herramientas de traducción asistida. Seguiremos trabajando con ella muchos más años, ¡por supuesto!

Álex L., iDISC Information Technologies S.L.

Great experience. Job delivered ahead of deadline and in perfect condition. Corinna went beyond scope of the project and even proposed corrections to our original version and found some misspellings in our website.

Claus C., Servolutions GmbH

I translated and proofread for:

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